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Spectroscopic study of matter results in rich and precise information which leads us to the profound understanding of nature and to the possibility of using spectroscopy for further developments. As an example, it would be enough to think of the role of atomic spectroscopy in the development of quantum mechanics. In modern solid-state physics too, spectroscopy has been one of the principal tools to investigate the complicated system of many electrons and nuclei. Among various research objects of solid-state spectroscopy, the field of excitions has been developed to a remarkable extent. There are many reasons for this: (I) The phenomenon is quite common to all the nonmetallic solids, namely, semiconductors, ionic crystals, rare gas crystals, molecular crystals, and so on. (II) The corresponding optical spectra often consist of sharp structure, which allows a detailed theoretical analysis. (III) The theory is not so simple as to be understood by simple application of atomic theory or Bloch band scheme, but attractive enough to both theorists and experimentalists as typically represented by the quasi-hydrogenike level scheme [1.1]. In fact, the central motive force to the early experiments [1.2,3] was to demonstrate the analogy with the hydrogen atom. (IV) Along with the tremendous developments of semiconductor technology and laser physics, sample quality and experimental techniques have been incessantly improved, so that more and more detailed and new experiments could be done, proving existing theories or giving impact to new theories.


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