Viscosity, Molecular Motion and the Structure of Aqueous Solutions of Nonelectro-Lytes

  • O. F. Bezrukov
Conference paper


Critical analysis of literature and original data on the self-diffusion coefficient D and the correlation times τc, obtained by NMR methods, and of the macroscopic viscosity η of aqueous solutions of nonelectrolytes, is presented, revealing some peculiarities about the behaviour of the well-known extrema on the curves of concentration dependence of the parameters: exceptional role of the terminal methyl group or a cycle form of the solute molecule as a cause of these minima, the decisive role of a hydrophilic group in determining the stoichiometric ratio of the extrema, etc. The data give indirect evidence of the important role of hydrophobic interactions of water-solute associates in the origin of the extrema of D, τc and η.


Glycerol Amide Glycol Aldehyde Pyridine 

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  • O. F. Bezrukov
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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsLeningrad State UniversityLeningradUSSR

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