Generation of Coherent Radiation from Heat Through Adiabatic Demagnetization of 59Co2+:Ce3+:La2Mg3(NO3)12·24 H2O Type Crystals

  • M. P. Vaisfel’d
Conference paper


The electron spins of Ce3+ in 59Co2+:Ce3+:La2Mg3(NO3)12·24 H2O crystals may be cooled by the adiabatic demagnetization in such a manner, that the cross-relaxation occurs between the spins and the cobalt hyperfine sublevels. In this case the transitory inversion population can be achieved during relaxation at the transitions 1/2,m ↔ −1/2,m of cobalt ions with m < O. So the maser action is possible, caused by the direct conversion of the crystal lattice heat energy into coherent u.h.f. radiation.


Cobalt Helium 


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