Radiotherapy in Ovarian Cancer for Post-Surgical Minimal Residual Disease

  • D. Chassagne
  • J. P. Wolff
Part of the Recent Results in Cancer Research book series (RECENTCANCER, volume 68)


In ovarian carcinomas more than in any other solid tumor, post-surgical minimal residual disease is difficult to define precisely and this definition may differ according to stage. In stage I (A, B, and C) there is a possibility of malignant cells being left behind in the peritoneal cavity. Centrifugation of the peritoneal washings during and at the end of surgery can show the presence of cancer cells in numerous cases [2–4], but this “positive” finding does not prove that a subsequent seeding of “cancer colonies” is inevitable. However, these facts explain at least partially a 20% incidence of failure in stage I and therefore may justify an additive therapy in stage I. In stage IIA or IIB, the above may apply, but there is also the possibility of microscopic residual disease, especially around the peritoneal suture line. In addition, for stage IIB the residual disease may range from an implant a few millimeters in size to a bulky unresectable tumor. The definition of minimal residual disease is, therefore, impossible to give precisely, unless a size of residual macrosopic disease is stated and widely accepted.


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