Adjuvant Treatment of Soft Tissue Sarcoma in Children and Adults

  • V. H. C. Bramwell
  • P. A. Voûte
  • S. A. Rosenberg
  • H. M. Pinedo
Part of the Recent Results in Cancer Research book series (RECENTCANCER, volume 68)


Soft tissue sarcomas are a rare group of tumours comprising approximately 1% of all malignant tumours. Conventional management has relied heavily on surgery, but the inadequacy of this approach is reflected by local recurrence rates of 40%–80% in adult sarcomas and as high as 90% in childhood sarcomas. Cantin [3] in a review of 784 patients found that 382 had died of sarcoma and 65% had developed metastases concomitantly with local recurrence. The high local relapse rate is due to absence of encapsulation of the tumour, which spreads along fascial planes and nerve trunks and possibly also to a multifocal origin. Thus, more adequate methods of local control and prevention of dissemination are required and these include radiotherapy, chemotherapy and immunotherapy.


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