Charge Density Wave Systems: The -Particle Model

  • M. J. Rice
Part of the Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences book series (SSSOL, volume 8)


In this lecture I would like to introduce the subject of quasi-one-dimensional (1-d) charge density wave (CDW) condensates [1]; and to discuss the ⌽-particle model [2] which is a model of a charged non-linear excitation of a weakly-pinned CDW condensate. Such CDW condensates exist at low temperature in a number of well-known organic [1] and inorganic [3] linear chain conductors which at room temperature exhibit quasi-one-dimensional metallic behavior. It is intended that this lecture will provide useful background material for the following lectures of Drs. Luther, Friend and Horovitz and also provide the non-specialist with a simple introduction to the physical ideas basic to CDW phenomena in quasi-one-dimensional systems.


Soliton Eter Maki 


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