Photoaffinity Labeling of Coupling Factor ATPase from Micrococcus luteus

  • H.-J. Schäfer
  • P. Scheurich
  • G. Rathgeber
  • K. Dose
Conference paper
Part of the Colloquium der Gesellschaft für Biologische Chemie book series (MOSBACH, volume 29)


Photoaffinity labeling has found increasing application in characterizing the enzymic binding sites of substrates, effectors, or coenzymes (Knowles, 1972). Photochemically labile reagents (photoaffinity labels) appear to be superior to reagents with conventional functional groups, because the time and rate of reaction can be controlled relatively easily by the illumination procedure. Most photoaffinity labels contain a photosensitive azido group. Upon irradiation azido derivatives form highly reactive nitrenes that react rapidly with amino acid residues situated in or near the binding site of the enzyme. Different azido derivatives of biological ligands have been synthesized for this purpose.


Nucleotide Binding Site Micrococcus Luteus Reactive Nitrenes Photoaffinity Label Purine Ring 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • H.-J. Schäfer
  • P. Scheurich
  • G. Rathgeber
  • K. Dose

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