Proton Pumping Across the Thylakoid Membrane Resolved in Time and Space

  • W. Junge
  • A. J. McGeer
  • W. Ausländer
  • J. Kollia
Part of the Colloquium der Gesellschaft für Biologische Chemie book series (MOSBACH, volume 29)


For more than a decade the pathway of energy flow in photophosphorylation and in oxidative phosphorylation has been under debate. After the discussion on whether or not protons are obligatorily involved faded away [for an “afterglow” see the multiauthored review by Boyer et al. (1)] in favor of the causality sequence, electrons-protons-ATP, postulated by Mitchell (2,3), another controversy was revived. The question is whether the protons drive ATP synthesis via the osmolar volumes [Mitchell (2,3,4,5)in his chemiosmotic hypothesis] or whether they are confined to special conducting subspaces within the membrane [Williams (6,7,8,9) in his localized proton hypothesis]. In the public debate on the matter (4,5,8,9) the weight seems to be on the side of the chemiosmotic version. Especially in chloroplasts, there is no doubt that electron transport is coupled to inwardly directed proton pumping [for reviews, see Refs. [(10,11,12,13)] and that protons placed in the internal osmolar volume can be used for ATP synthesis [for a review, see Ref. (14)]. However, there are a few observations that seem to shed doubt on the chemiomotic concept or, at least, make it worthwhile to take a closer look at localized protons:


Thylakoid Membrane Absorption Change Internal Phase Proton Release Proton Uptake 
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dibromothymoquinone; PS II photosystem two


N-(2-acetamido)-2-aminoethanesulfonic acid


N-2hydroxyethylioerazine-N-2-ethanesulfonic acid


2-(N-morpholino)-ethanesulfonic acid


morpholinopropane sulfonic acid


piperazine-N,N-Bis(2-ethanesulfonic acid)




N-Tris(hydroxymethyl)methy1-2-amino-ethanesulfonic acid






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  • A. J. McGeer
  • W. Ausländer
  • J. Kollia

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