Normal Depth Patterns: Recognition of Intrasulcal Vascular Laminae (Plates V-4-V-21, pp. 208–225)

  • Gabor Szikla
  • Guy Bouvier
  • Tomokatsu Hori
  • Vassil Petrov


As mentioned in the introduction, three-dimensional understanding of angiographic pictures may present a difficult task at first, especially for those whose ability for binocular stereoscopic vision is not sufficiently developed. The anatomic message contained in the cortical angiogram is, however, necessarily linked to the third dimension. For this reason, the illustrations of this chapter are presented in such a way as to emphasize the three-dimensional representation of the vascular courses. With the stereoscopic pairs and the aligned juxtaposition of frontal and lateral projections at the same coordinate of height, the authors hope to have eased the reader’s task.


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  • Tomokatsu Hori
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  • Vassil Petrov
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