Pneumography in Supratentorial Space-Occupying Lesions

  • Giovanni Ruggiero
  • Gianfranco Cristi
  • Francesco Federico
  • Luciano Sabattini
Part of the Handbuch der Medizinischen Radiologie / Encyclopedia of Medical Radiology book series (HDBRADIOL, volume 14 / 2)


The second half of this decade will see the definite success of computerized tomography. In many cases this technique allows for accurate diagnoses without risk to the patient with the exception of those risks that are connected with anesthesia and with the injection of contrast medium when indicated. Computerized tomography is chiefly a step forward in the diagnosis of tumors—especially supratentorial tumors—and intracranial hemorrhage. However, in tumors the technique has to be integrated with angiography in many cases, especially in the function of the choice of the therapy, particularly the surgical approach. What importance is then left to pneumoencephalography? As a matter of fact, even when the histologic nature of the tumor cannot be demonstrated by either angiography or computerized tomography, the latter technique seems to be preferable to encephalography because it allows the tumoral tissue to be distinguished much more clearly from the surrounding edema.


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  • Gianfranco Cristi
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