Differentiation of Immunoglobulin Genes

  • S. Tonegawa
  • N. Hozumi
Conference paper
Part of the Colloquium der Gesellschaft für Biologische Chemie book series (MOSBACH, volume 27)


Recent advances in the technology of nucleic acid biochemistry, in particular the availability of highly purified, light and heavy chain mRNAs from mouse plasmacytomas, have enabled several groups of researchers to study immunoglobulin genes at the molecular level. In this article we will summarize our recent efforts directed to the following two questions:
  • What is the genetic origin of the enormous diversity of antibody molecules?

  • How is the genetic information encoded in two seemingly separate segments of DNA, V and C, integrated to generate a contiguous polypeptide chain?


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  • S. Tonegawa
  • N. Hozumi

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