Thermal Equation of State. Examples. First Reversal Theorem

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Axiom I (Existence of a Thermal Equation of State, Euler, 1757). The pressure p acting upon a given body is determined by the volume and temperature of that body:
$$p = \varpi (V,\theta ),$$
the domain of ϖ being D. The function ϖ is continuous and has continuous partial derivatives ∂ ϖ /∂V and ∂ ϖ /∂θ; also
$${{\partial \varpi } \over {\partial V}} < 0.$$
Remark. The relation (2.1) is called the thermal equation of state of a particular fluid body described by the theory; the function v is the pressure function of that body. The function v, like the domain D, is a constitutive quantity.


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