Universal Efficiency of Ordinary Carnot Cycles Compatible with the Existence of an Ideal Gas with Constant Specific Heats. Proof of the “First Law” and “Second Law” of Thermodynamics

  • Clifford Ambrose TruesdellIII
  • Subramanyam Bharatha
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Till now we have dealt with the general structure based on our first three axioms alone. We shall impose as a further axiom the claim of Carnot (cf. the General Scholion after Axiom III in Chapter 8): Any two bodies that absorb the same amount of heat while undergoing an ordinary Carnot cycle between fixed operating temperatures have the same motive power. By exploiting this axiom we shall in the end determine the universal efficiency of ordinary Carnot cycles for all bodies.


Fluid Body Universal Function Thermodynamic Point Classical Thermodynamic Caloric Theory 
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