First Investigations on the Fecundability of a Woman

  • Corrado Gini
Part of the Biomathematics book series (BIOMATHEMATICS, volume 6)


For the Gini Index, Gini’s “approximate measure of the mean fecundability of primipares who had their child in the months of marriage from x + 9 to x + y + 9,” we may write
$$F_G = \frac{{n_{x + 9} - n_{x + y + 10} }}{{\sum\limits_{x + 9}^{x + y + 9} {n_i } }} = \frac{{n_1 - n_{y + 1} }}{{\sum\limits_1^y {n_i } }},$$
where n i are births in the i’ th, and n i births in the (i + 9)’th month of exposure. If fecundity differs among women but for each woman is constant over time, the Index has as its limiting value the arithmetic mean fecundability of the non-sterile population N*. This is seen by noting that as y approaches infinity, ny+1→0 and \(\sum\limits_1^y {n_i \to N^* }. \)


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