External Field Problems

  • J. M. Jauch
  • F. Rohrlich
Part of the Texts and Monographs in Physics book series (TMP)


Applications of the theory of the external field are numerous and of greatest importance. Many photon-electron processes of radiation theory are enhanced considerably when the incident photon is replaced by an external field. Of particular interest is the nuclear Coulomb field, since it is extremely strong. For example, Compton scattering is to be compared with Coulomb scattering, double Compton scattering with bremsstrahlung, pair production in photon-electron collisions with pair production by an electron in a Coulomb field. Similarly, the photon-photon processes come within the realm of observability: photon-photon scattering becomes Del brück scattering, and pair production in photon-photon collisions becomes pair production by a photon in a Coulomb field.


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  • F. Rohrlich
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