Dispersal and Primary Establishment of Vegetation

  • R. Elven
  • L. Ryvarden
Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 16)


A retreating glacier leaves large areas of open and virgin soil. Very soon the first plants appear, but there are indications that it takes hundreds of years to establish a mature vegetation. It is of interest to know which are the decisive factors in the development of the vegetation in the first phase, and also what happens when new plant communities replace the preceeding ones in a succession. With the purpose of gaining some basic insight into these problems, seed dispersal and vegetation were studied in front of the glacier Hardangerjøkulen at Finse, Central Norway. R. Elven was responsible for studies on establishment of vegetation while L.Ryvarden was in charge of the dispersal experiments.


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  • R. Elven
  • L. Ryvarden

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