Tumoral Calcinosis with Hyperphosphatemia

  • H. G. Morgan
  • F. J. Dryburgh
  • E. A. Mills
Conference paper


Tumoral calcinosis is a rare condition characterized by localized calcific swellings in relation to joints. First named by INCLAN in 1943, the condition appears to be different from metastatic or the better known dystrophic calcifications. Renal function is normal and there is no skeletal demineralization. Most patients are young, of both sexes, and usually of Negro race. Over the past decade or so, some 12 patients with both tumoral calcinosis and a raised plasma phosphorus have been described, often in siblings, but never reported in more than one generation of a familiy (Table 1). We wish to report possibly the first such combination from the United Kingdom or even in Europe.


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  • H. G. Morgan
  • F. J. Dryburgh
  • E. A. Mills

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