Factors Determining the Calcitonin Response in Man

  • M. A. Dambacher
  • J. Gunčaga
  • Th. Lauffenburger
  • H. G. Haas
Conference paper


We showed in a previous study (DAMBACHER et al., 1969) that human calcitonin (hCT) lowers serum calcium (SCa) in patients with severe hypercalcemia, an effect which was thought to be partly due to accelerated calcium deposition into the bone (OLAH et al., 1970). Calcitonin (CT) effectiveness seemed to depend primarily on the degree of hypercalcemia, since no response was seen in normo- and hypocalcemic subjects.


Bone Turnover Primary Hyperparathyroidism High Bone Turnover Human Calcitonin Lower Serum Calcium 
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  • M. A. Dambacher
  • J. Gunčaga
  • Th. Lauffenburger
  • H. G. Haas

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