Carcinogen-induced Cellular Thesaurismoses and Neoplastic Cell Transformation

  • P. Bannasch
Part of the Recent Results in Cancer Research book series (RECENTCANCER, volume 44)


It has been known for a long time from human pathology that many tumors contain cells which store polysaccharides or lipids. So far such pathological storage phenomena have been interpreted as a consequence of the neoplastic cell transformation and to be related to the general disturbance of tumor cell metabolism. Experimental investigations of the genesis of epithelial liver and kidney tumors have shown, however, that cellular thesaurismoses are mainly characteristic of the preneoplastic phase (Bannasch et al. 1964–1972). In the development of certain tumors they seem to be an inevitable step, indicating a basic alteration of cell metabolism. During cellular transformation there is usually a gradual reduction in the amount of the stored substances. Therefore, thesaurismoses in tumors can be considered as relicts of the preneoplastic phase. Four examples will be used to illustrate this concept.


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