Detail Scheduling Models and Systems

  • B. Giffler
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This paper is a summary account of Chapters 20 and 21 (pp. 432–514) of the book PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT MODELS AND SYSTEMS (copyright Nov. 1972, The Management Seminars Institute, Inc., Box 414, Caldwell, N.J.). The chapters describe detail scheduling models and systems the author has developed to schedule and control resource-limited, on-going production systems: e.g. factories, data processing centers, etc. The emphasis of the work is on the design of man-machine systems in which a computer will generate detail schedules that the production system’s human controllers would then review and, if necessary, modify — by repeating the scheduling run with additional, special instructions. The models have an algebraic formulation which, the author claims, has helped simplify and speed the numerical calculations to generate and evaluate detail schedules, and which has also helped him recognize directions in which these models could be generalized without having to abandon their relatively simple mathematical structure.


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