Air Pollution in London, an Exemplary Involuntary Transfer

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In Chapter II, page 67, Figure 3, we graphed the function \( \sum {\frac{{ - U_3^j}}{{U_1^j}}T_m^j} \) as convex in Rm, the residual of the mth firm. In this chapter we will consider the case of a particular environmental interaction function. The function we have chosen describes the effects of air pollution in London. While we will make point estimates of various forms of the function our inquiry will be guided by two general questions: (1) what is the general shape of the time reaction pattern and (2) is there any evidence to suggest that this function is, in fact, convex? It turns out that there is a great deal of noise in the data series. It seems worthwhile first to investigate the problem of noise and the nature of information in the set of data before approaching these general, but somewhat delicate, questions.


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