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Limits, Adjoints, and Algebras

  • Carl Faith
Part of the Die Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften book series (GL, volume 190)


A list of topics in Chapter 5 would include bifunctors, representable functors, left and right adjoint functors, adjunction bijections and morphisms, adjoint pairs, forgetful functor, and free object functor, limits, compatible families of morphisms, directed class, direct and inverse limits, kernels, cokernels, equalizers, intersections, fiber products, or push-outs, images, inverse images, epic images, complete categories, normal objects and categories, balanced categories, locally small, exact categories, diagram chasing, the Noether isomorphism theorems for exact categories, limit preserving functors, right continuous functors, Freyd’s theorems, module valued adjoints, the tensor functor, flat modules, character modules, adjoints of faithful functors, PopescoGabriel theorem (second version), algebras over commutative rings, semigroup rings, and group rings, free algebras, commutative and noncommutative rings of polynomials.


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