Estimation of pH Values. (Living Tissues and Saps.)

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Part of the Modern Methods of Plant Analysis / Moderne Methoden der Pflanzenanalyse book series (PFLANZENANAL., volume 1)


The outlook of this section is peculiar, because there is already a vast literature dealing with theory, methods, and results; and the basis of theory and practical methods and results was officially admitted in 1950 to have been wrong. Therefore, all post-1950 work should be done with some idea of the new methods and the new limits placed upon the accuracy of the results. Practically all the pre-1950 pH values were calculated on E 0 = 0.2458 V for the saturated calomel electrode at 25° C. whereas the new standard value is E 0 = 0.2543 V, and this decrease of 1.5 mV in the reference value of E 0 means that 0.03 to 0.04 must be added to pre-1950 pH values in order to equate them with post-1950 pH values which are themselves subject to an accuracy-limit of at least ± 0.02. The common- sense limit in all ordinary estimations of pH values is an accuracy to the first decimal place with a range of ± 0.05 around the recorded first decimal. Greater accuracy can be obtained when pure unmixed chemical substances are used, but the estimation of pH values is not usually concerned with pure unmixed chemical substances, especially in plant analyses.


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