Periprosthetic Bone Mineral Density and Other Orthopedic Applications

  • C. Trevisan
  • S. Ortolani


Bone quality is a crucial concept in orthopedic practice. When implanting a total hip prosthesis or placing a transpeduncular screw, one needs to know the mechanical consistency and biological reactivity of the host bone. These two components, the mass-related mechanical properties and the biological ability to remodel and adapt, are what have been called bone quality [155]. They have been studied extensively histologically, roentgenographically, and scintigraphically since fracture fixation devices, prosthetic implants, and limb lengthening instrumentaries were introduced into the orthopedic surgery [32, 83,106,155]. In this regard a noninvasive and quantitative measurement of bone mass should have been considered a major advance for further insight into bone quality. However, after its development bone densitometry found early but few applications in the orthopedic field.


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