The Influence of Shock Waves on Epiphysial Growth Plates: First Results of an In-Vivo Study with Rabbits

  • S. Lüssenhop
  • D. Seemann
  • M. Hahn
  • L. Meiss


Differences in leg length are a routine problem in daily orthopaedic practice. Length differences up to about 3 cm are usually compensated conservatively by using arch supports or orthopaedic shoes. Larger differences in length are treated surgically. A discontinuation of growth can, for example, be achieved by epiphysiodesis according to Phemister, and a temporary retardation of growth by clasping after Blount. Both methods are burdened by uncertainty in prognosis and the usual risks of surgical treatment. A non- or minimally invasive method would avoid or minimize the latter.


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  • D. Seemann
  • M. Hahn
  • L. Meiss

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