Radiographic Assessment of Implant Complications and/or Failures

  • Reinhilde Jacobs
  • Daniel van Steenberghe


Endosseous implants offer a predictable prognosis even over decades when they are properly osseointegrated. This term has been coined by P-I Brånemark and has corresponded to several definitions over time. The concept is, that after an intimate bone-to-implant surface contact has been established, a stable interface is created withstanding the challenges of load and oral microbiota for decades. Since then, the term has been adopted by many, and often misused, limiting it to the intimate bone-to- implant contact. The latter can be achieved by many different implant surfaces, although several, especially some with a roughened surface texture, exhibit progressive marginal bone loss over the years. The latter breakdown is not compatible with the implications of the osseointegration concept.


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