Ion Channels and Cell Signaling in Cell Cultures

  • Valerie Urbach
  • Deirdre Walsh
  • Maria Higgins
  • Isabelle Leguen
  • Christina Doolan
  • John Cuffe
  • Elizabeth Horwitz
  • Catherine Halligan
  • Ruth Gleeson
  • Anthony Cullinane
  • Brian Harvey
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Two major diseases, namely cancer and cystic fibrosis (CF), have driven the development of immortalized human airway epithelial cell lines. Primary cultures of airway epithelial cells have also played a central role in the study of other diseases such as airway inflammation and viral infection. However, primary lung culture is limited by the number of viable cells that can be generated from the tissue and by the availability of fresh tissue. Immortalized cell lines of airway epithelium were developed from lung carcinomas or from primary cultures transformed in vitro using viruses (SV40). The development of cell lines has greatly enhanced our understanding of the biochemical and proliferation properties of lung epithelium because these characteristics are not affected by viral transformation. However, many transformed cells lose certain differentiated functions, such as tight junction formation or physiological ionic transport properties. For this reason, most of the knowledge of ionic transport mechanisms and regulation come from studies on primary cell culture.


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