An Expansion Series for Solving Improper Cylindrical Functions Occurring in Subsonic, Supersonic and Transonic Kernel Formulations

  • E. Sulaeman
  • H. Djojodihardjo
Conference paper


A brief survey of the kernel functions occurring in unsteady subsonic or supersonic lifting surface formulations is presented. The discussion will be focused on the solutions of the improper cylindrical function as a main part of the kernel function. A new expansion series is proposed as an exact solution to the improper integral and may be regarded as an extension of the Ueda series. The new solution offers a very simple and convenient form since the singular and regular parts are explicitly separated. The simple form of the singular functions is a key point which is particularly significant in simplifying the Mangler integration; hence this approach is shown to be useful in improving the accuracy of many planar and nonplanar lifting surface methods. Results are discussed and their accuracy is presented.


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  • E. Sulaeman
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  • H. Djojodihardjo
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  1. 1.Indonesian Aircraft Industries (PT. IPTN)Indonesia
  2. 2.Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB)Indonesia
  3. 3.Agency for Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT)Indonesia

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