Development and Implementation of a Model for Technology Education in South Africa - The ORT-STEP Experience

  • Eli Eisenberg
Conference paper


In May 1993 the ORT-STEP Institute opened its door and officially stepped into South Africa to implement and advance technology education. ORT-STEP’s philosophy of providing a meaningful education that will ultimately lead to employment and independence, is achieved through a balanced approach to technology education and a strong emphasis on the crucial role of teachers. ORT-STEP views teachers as the core factor in any educational system, they are the agents through which change can be achieved. The ORT-STEP Institute has three main areas of activity:
  1. 1.

    The Teacher Education Program that trains and retrains teachers in Technology Education.

  2. 2.

    The ORT-TECHNOLOGY college, which is used as a live laboratory - a real live testing field - for teachers to build experience and confidence.

  3. 3.

    The Resource Centre which continually develops Technology oriented courseware, hardware, and software and actively helps teachers implement technology education in their own schools, through a three dimensional support system.

ORT-STEP incorporates the theory, implementation and evaluation of technology education in a holistic approach that is fast proving to be a lighthouse to technology educationalists in South Africa. The talk will elaborate on how ORT- STEP has met the challenges and overcome the difficulties and problems that stood in the way to success and on how ORT-STEP will make a significant impact on the majority of the South African population.


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