Methodological Initiation Aspects of Educational Innovation

  • Maria Jakowicka
Conference paper


Educational innovations arise on the basis of new tendencies in education which results from two sources. The first one is the development of science, among others psychology, the other one concerns social and economic changes. The innovations are a continuous process and thus should be examined in the process: the creation of certain innovation ideas and their practical application. There are different kinds of activities in each of the above mentioned stages. This paper embraces a short description of each of them.

The basic methodological problem asks for a more favourable output mechanism and a better application of innovations. This can be illustrated by the presentation of two approaches. The first one initiated by appropriate centres inspiring the teachers to experiment and the other expecting the teachers to undertake the initiative themselves.

In this paper there will be an attempt of a description and assessment of both methodological conceptions.


Creativity educational innovations innovation methodology reforms in education 


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