Annihilators of Linear Differential Operators

  • Yurie A. Ignatieff


Walter Noll published two works related to the theory of annihilators of linear differential operators. The first publication, entitled “Quasi-Invertibility in a Staircase Diagram”, was finished in January 1969. It contained a theorem, “which was needed in an investigation of annihilators of differential operators, but could have other applications” [7.1]. The second paper was devoted to a general theory of annihilators of linear differential operators. Noll originally planned to publish it in the Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, but then, for unknown reasons, submitted it at the end of July 1969 to the Journal D’Analyse Mathématique, issued in Jerusalem, Israel [7.2]. The theory of annihilators did not belong to Noll alone. It was created by him in collaboration with a young talented German mathematician Heinz Dieter Dombrowski. Moreover, the idea of the work originated from the habilitation script of Dombrowski’s, “Eine Charakterisierung der Differential Operatoren”, published in 1966 [7.3].


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