Effects of Physical and Pharmacological Interventions on Circulating Endothelin-1 Levels in Humans

  • A. Morganti
  • F. Ghio
  • G. Gazzano


Endothelin-1 (ET-1) is a 21 amino acid peptide produced by the endothelial cells that for its potent and long lasting vasoconstrictive action may be involved in a number of cardiovascular disorders [1, 2]. As to the mechanisms of regulation of ET-1, “in vitro” studies have shown that its secretion is controlled by numerous physical and humoral factors (Table 1); however “in vivo” studies addressed at investigating the physiological relevance of these factors may encounter difficulties for at least two reasons. One is that under normal conditions the concentration of ET-1 in blood is low (between 1–2 pg/ml); thus, since its secretion occurs by 80% or more towards the underlying vascular smooth muscle cells [3, 4], the changes in plasma ET-1 in response to stimuli may be too small to be detected with confidence with the present radioimmunoassays. The second reason is that there is no intracellular storage of ET-1 in most tissues [5, 6]; therefore, in order to observe modifications of the circulating peptide the duration of the stimulus must be long enough to activate “de novo” its synthesis. These reasons probably explain why most studies aimed at elevating plasma ET-1 have been inconclusive so far.


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