Advantages and Limits of Formal Approaches for Ultra-High Dependability

  • Marie-Claude Gaudel
Part of the ESPRIT Basic Research Series book series (ESPRIT BASIC)


This paper discusses the advantages and limits of formal approaches to software development for achieving ultra-high dependability of critical computer systems. It is a companion paper to Paper VI.G on the validation of ultra-high dependability for software systems. Among the issues to be addressed here, are: what is a formal specification, what can be done with it, what is correctness, what kind of certainty comes from a proof, and from testing? The paper does not claim to answer these questions: rather it is a formulation of the author’s reflections in this area.




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  • Marie-Claude Gaudel
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  1. 1.LRI, CNRS et Université de Paris-SudFrance

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