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Santorini is a wonderful place. Here, where a giant volcanic explosion 3500 years ago created this circular shaped harbour and made the Minoic culture, spread over various islands, dissapear, G.S. Anagnostatos and W. v. Oertzen organized this conference on “Atomic and Nuclear Clusters 93”. We all agree, that this was a brilliant idea! Always when two major fields of physics are meeting (in this case atomic and nuclear physics) an intellectually alert atmosphere develops. We enjoyed it very much during this week. But not only scientific work characterized this conference: a welcome party, Barbecue-dinners, wine tasting, excursion to the volcanic reminders around here and a concluding gala dinner party additionally raised the excitement of the participants during these warm, sunny days.


Excitation Function Giant Dipole Resonance Giant Resonance Metallic Cluster Fission Process 
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