Environmental Situation in Estonia and Possible Pathways for its Improvement

  • Rein Munter
Conference paper
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The Republic of Estonia is a member of the United Nations since September 17, 1991. After the re-establishment of the state the Estonian government has faced enormous efforts which need to be taken in order to rehabilitate nature and build up economy based on sparing use of natural resources. The nearest goal of environmental policy in Estonia has been carrying out the land reform in such a way that nature reserves established in our territory would be maintained and that biosphere would not suffer from the reforms. Another environmental protection priority has been the assessment, localization and liquidation of environmental pollution caused by the residence of the former Soviet Army within our territory (National Report of Estonia, 1992). 1993 was a year of restructuring of the Ministry of the Environment. Control over natural resources is now subjected to one institution. This is a prerequisite of sustainable development.


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