Numerical and Experimental Investigations of Failure in Integrally Stiffened, Layered Composite Panels

  • I. C. Skrna-Jakl
  • F. G. Rammerstorfer
  • E. K. Tschegg
Conference paper


Stiffened composite structures have become an important structural application of composite materials, and they are progressively introduced especially into primary aerospace structures. Therefore, the design of stiffened structures using composite materials requires an accurate analysis of the mechanical behavior of the components. Global effects (e.g. large deformations, stability behavior) as well as local effects (e.g. regions of pronounced interlaminar stresses, free edge effects) must be analyzed in order to prove that the design can carry the specified loads without failure.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • I. C. Skrna-Jakl
    • 1
  • F. G. Rammerstorfer
    • 1
  • E. K. Tschegg
    • 2
  1. 1.Institute of Lightweight Structures and Aerospace EngineeringVienna University of TechnologyViennaAustria
  2. 2.Institute of Applied and Technical PhysicsVienna University of TechnologyViennaAustria

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