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Part of the Project 7096 . CCE-CNMA book series (ESPRIT, volume 2)


In Chapter 1, we described the evolution of the CNMA project, and the motivation for producing this book. Chapter 2 described the rationale for the introduction of MMS, whilst chapter 3 introduced the basic concepts that underlie MMS, the modelling approach and the standards related to MMS. Chapter 4 presented the most important MMS objects and services that are implemented by the majority of device manufacturers. Chapter 5 analysed the use of MMS in three types of real manufacturing devices. Chapter 6 described the use of MMS in a real manufacturing application. Chapter 7 presented MMSI, the application programming interface to MMS. Chapter 8 described a DDE interface to MMS that is available in the Windows environment. Chapter 9 introduced other MMS objects and services which are sometimes implemented.


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