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Functional Anatomy of the Kidney

  • B. Kaissling
  • J. Dørup
Part of the Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology book series (HEP, volume 117)


The kidney maintains the homeostasis of body fluids. This is accomplished by a complex process that involves, first, filtration of huge amounts of fluid and solutes from the blood across the wall of specialized capillaries of the glomerulus and, second, transepithelial transport of solutes and water along the tubular system connected to the glomerulus. In the tubular system solutes and water are reabsorbed into the systemic circulation and/or secreted into the tubular fluid. The waste products are excreted in a small fraction of the filtered fluid volume, generally in less than 1%, as the “final urine.” In addition, the kidney is an endocrine organ, producing hormones acting at sites outside as well as within the kidney.


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