Spatiotemporal Patterns and Generic Bifurcations in a Semiconductor Device

  • F.-J. Niedernostheide
Conference paper
Part of the Springer Proceedings in Physics book series (SPPHY, volume 79)


A large variety of spatiotemporal current-density patterns can be observed in silicon p+-n+-p-n diodes by varying only one external parameter. We present experimental and numerical results concerning diverse bifurcation sequences associated with the dynamics of localized dissipative high currrent-density domains, so-called filaments. In particular, we discuss (i) the transition from a spatially uniform to a stable stationary filament, (ii) the bifurcation from a stable stationary to a rocking filament, characterized by a periodic oscillation of the filament around a fixed position in space, (iii) a period-doubling sequence of rocking filaments to chaotic filament motions, (iv) properties of travelling current filaments, and (v) interaction processes of filaments with the semiconductor boundary. It is shown that the different kinds of motion of the localized structures in the devices under consideration are strongly correlated to oscillations of global system variables, e. g., the total current flowing through the device, and, consequently, a determination of the filament motion is possible by investigating only global variables. — The theoretical modelling of the device under consideration is based on a simplified two-layer-model which leads to a two-component reaction-diffusion system of activator-inhibitor type. Numerical calculations reveal that the simple model reproduces all bifurcation sequences observed experimentally.


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