A Review of Late Cretaceous Floras and Climates of Arctic Russia

  • A. B. Herman
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (volume 27)


Late Cretaceous floras in Arctic Russia are known in Northeast Russia (Anadyr - Koryak, Okhotsk - Chukotka and Verkhoyansk - Chukotka subregions), the Viliui River depression, Novaya Sibir’ Island, and the Khatanga River basin. The stratigraphic setting and systematic composition of late Albian to latest Maastrichtian floras of these areas are considered. These floras are grouped into four main stages of fossil flora evolution that took place in latest Albian - Cenomanian, Turonian - Coniacian, Santonian - early (middle?), Campanian and late Campanian (?) - Maastrichtian (Danian?) times.

Certain palaeoclimatic changes may be reconstructed based on these palaeofloristic data, viz. a warming in the Cenomanian gave way to a cooling in the Turonian and Coniacian whose peak appears to have occurred in the Turonian; subsequently a warming has been reported from the Santonian and early Campanian; towards the end of the Maastrichtian the climate became relatively cool again. Similar climatic fluctuations have been recorded in other regions of the globe and are supposed to have taken place on a wide scale.


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