Possible Impacts of Climate Change Upon the Water Balance in Central Europe

  • M. Lapin
Conference paper
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Predicted climate change connected with the increase in the atmospheric greenhouse effect will probably cause changes of atmospheric circulation and, from this, resulting changes of precipitation, cloudiness, snowcover, air humidity and other climatic elements all over the world. These changes can seriously influence the natural environment and socio-economic activities in many countries. The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) expressed the risks of possible climate change and the necessary measures for reduction of those risks in the Framework Convention on Climate Change and in Convention Agenda 21. In this paper some model calculations and scientific assessments of the possible impacts of the temperature rise and the precipitation regime change upon water balance, relative air humidity and snow cover variability in Central Europe are presented. Calculation of water balance elements was carried out according to the Zubenok - Budyko complex method. At assessment of climate warming impacts upon changes of relative air humidity and snow cover characteristics was used an empirical correlation method. Two climatological stations (Hurbanovo 115 m a.s.l. and Liptovský Hrádok 640 m a.s.l.) were used as a basic source for all calculations, and seven other ones in Slovakia for the correlation method applications. This paper represents a brief review of results obtained in completing some of the Czechoslovak National Climate Programme tasks in 1991 and 1992.


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  1. 1.Slovak Hydrometeorological InstituteBratislavaSlovakia

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