Transvaginal Colour Doppler Studies of Ectopic Pregnancy

  • D. Jurkovic
  • E. Jauniaux
  • S. Campbell


The diagnosis of early pregnancy and its abnormalities has been much improved by the advent of transvaginal ultrasonography. This technique has proved to be particularly useful for the assessment of patients who may have an ectopic pregnancy [19, 21]. The use of transvaginal rather than transabdominal probes increases both the sensitivity and specificity of the procedure [24]. Furthermore, it is possible in most cases to make a positive diagnosis based on the direct observation of an ectopic sac or adnexal mass [4]. In addition, an intra-uterine pregnancy can be detected earlier than by abdominal scanning.


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  • E. Jauniaux
  • S. Campbell

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