Postpneumonectomy Bronchial Fistula

  • F. J. Garcia Diaz
  • J. Ayarra Jarnes
  • A. Rico Alvarez
  • R. Jiménez Mercán
  • C. Arenas Linares
  • J. M. Cuaresma Ferrete
  • J. Loscertales


A total of 53 postpneumonectomy bronchial fistulae (PBF) were examined: 37 on the right side (out of 136 pneumonectomies) and 16 on the left side (out of 142). Of these 23 (8%) were precocious (i.e., occurring during the first 10 days) and 30 (10.8%) were late. In 9 cases the PBF appeared 3 months after intervention. The etiological factors comprise the state of the tumor, artificial respiration, kind of bronchial suture, and infection. The latter factor was more influential in the appearance of late PBF: 16 PBFs (30%) appeared without previous infection of the pneumatic cavity, and 22 infections occurred in this area without the appearance of PBF. A total of 155 surgical procedures were carried out (median 2.9, range 1–5). In our series 28 patients (13%) were cured, 8 (15%) survived with PBF well tolerated, and 17 died. We conclude that a diagnosis and early and aggressive surgical treatment are necessary to improve results.


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  • F. J. Garcia Diaz
  • J. Ayarra Jarnes
  • A. Rico Alvarez
  • R. Jiménez Mercán
  • C. Arenas Linares
  • J. M. Cuaresma Ferrete
  • J. Loscertales

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