The Use of Fibrin Glue in Thoracoscopic Surgery

  • O. Thetter
  • J. Weipert
  • C. B. Reininger


Videothoracoscopic surgery has considerably modified the indications for conventional thoracotomy, whereby the spectrum of applications is steadily increasing. The minimally invasive surgical treatment of bronchopleural fistulas and the resection of coin lesions has become a routine procedure. In addition to staplers, fibrin sealing is a valuable adjunct for the endoscopic closure of air fistulas and parenchymal sutures. We report on 250 cases of thoracoscopic treatment, with particular respect to the use of fibrin sealing.


Fibrin Glue Thoracoscopic Surgery Pleural Empyema Endoscopic Closure Invasive Surgical Treatment 
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  • O. Thetter
  • J. Weipert
  • C. B. Reininger

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