• Matti S. Aapro
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This monograph contains a series of papers which address past and current aspects as well as recent advances in tumour therapy with antimetabolites. Almost half a century has elapsed since Farber published the demonstration of efficacy of aminopterin in childhood acute leukaemia. Maybe antimetabolites should be called the “aspirin” of oncology, as they share a long-standing history and are continuously rediscovered as a class of agents.


Aspirin Gemcitabine Taxanes Cytarabine Fludarabine 

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  • Matti S. Aapro
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  1. 1.Divisione di Oncologia MedicaIstituto Europeo di OncologiaMilanoItaly
  2. 2.Division d’Onco-HématologieHôpital Cantonal UniversitaireGenèveSwitzerland

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