CT Angiography of the Pelvic Arteries

  • C. S. Richter
  • K. Maatsch
  • G. Biamino
  • C. Ragg
  • R. Felix
Conference paper


Besides invasive methods such s digital subtraction angiography (DSA) non-invasive methods as color Doppler sonography and magnetic resonance angiography are able to depict pelvic artery stenosis. Spiral computed tomographic (CT) angiography [1–7] represents a further minimally invasive angiographic method which has recently been developed on the basis of digital, reconstructed, sectional imaging techniques. The goal of this study was to compare the value of CT angiography with angiography in the DSA technique for examining the distal aorta and pelvic arteries.


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  • C. S. Richter
  • K. Maatsch
  • G. Biamino
  • C. Ragg
  • R. Felix

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