Preoperative Planning and Follow-Up with Spiral CT and Stereolithographic Models in Craniofacial Surgery

  • T. Fleiter
  • R. Hoffmann
  • R. Niemeier
  • C. D. Claussen
Conference paper


Severe fractures, tumor resection and craniofacial malformations require detailed preoperative planning and post-surgery follow up. With spiral computed tomography (SCT) it became possible to acquire high-resolution, motion artifact reduced images of this region in less time compared to conventional single-slice CT. Additional 3D reconstructions are preferred by the surgeons to get more preoperative information about the anatomical structures, position of fragments and tumor extension. Although several progresses were made according to image quality and 3D imaging, there has always been a missing link between the preoperative planning and the surgical procedure itself. The aim of the study was to evaluate the use of spiral CT and solid 3D-stereolithographic models to overcome this disadvantage and the use of spiral CT in follow-up examinations.


Titanium Milling Osteosarcoma 


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  • T. Fleiter
  • R. Hoffmann
  • R. Niemeier
  • C. D. Claussen

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