Discovery of Improved Platinum Analogues

  • Kenneth R. Harrap
Conference paper
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Although dichlorodiammine platinum II (Fig. 1) was first synthesised by Peyrone in 1845, the powerful antitumour properties (confined to the cis-isomer) remained unknown until the work of Barnett Rosenberg, some 125 years later. Rosenberg attributed the toxic effects of an alternating electric field applied to a suspension of E coli to the generation of cis-dichlorodi-ammine platinum II (cisplatin). Subsequently, cisplatin was shown to possess potent activity, both alone and in combination, against a wide spectrum of transplantable rodent tumours [see 1–3 for reviews]. Preclinical toxicology was assessed in mice, rats, guinea pigs, dogs and monkeys and the results predicted well for those toxicities subsequently found in man [4]. Nephrotoxicity was the major dose-limiting side effect in all species, accompanied by gastrointestinal, haematological and ototoxicities, together with severe emesis in dogs and monkeys [5-11].


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