Surgical Anatomy of the Deep Femoral Artery

  • A. B. Lumsden
  • G. L. Colborn
  • L. J. Skandalakis
  • T. F. Dodson
  • S. W. Gray
  • J. E. Skandalakis


John Basmajian (1971) in Method of Anatomy referred to the deep femoral artery (DFA) as “no mean vessel.” Its clinical importance has been emphasized subsequently by numerous authors (Morris et al. 1961; Leeds and Gilfillan 1961; Martin et al. 1972). We owe our modern anatomical and clinical knowledge of the DFA to the vascular surgeon (Chleborad and Dawson 1990; Hershey and Auer 1974; Martin and Jamieson 1974), the radiologist (Beales et al. 1971), the surgical physiologist, and, of course, the gross human anatomist, a rare and rapidly vanishing phenomenon of our times (Shoeffer 1942; Hollinshead 1969; Cunningham 1981; Skandalakis and Gray 1969, 1983; Skandalakis et al. 1974; Skandalakis 1980, 1984).


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  • G. L. Colborn
  • L. J. Skandalakis
  • T. F. Dodson
  • S. W. Gray
  • J. E. Skandalakis

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