Spectroscopy and Dynamics of the Electronic Decay of Core Electron Excitations in Isolated and Chemisorbed Molecules

  • W. Eberhardt
Part of the Springer Series in Surface Sciences book series (SSSUR, volume 35)


Over the past decade studies of the decay processes following both core-electron excitation as well as core-electron ionization have been carried out for a variety of small molecules in gas phase and in a physisorbed or chemisorbed state. This was made possible through the application of synchrotron radiation used in preparing well-defined highly-excited states. These investigations of the electronic decay of specifically-prepared electronic configurations offer unique ways to study electron correlation and dynamic charge transfer and screening processes in well characterized electronic systems. Moreover, high-resolution studies taken with a resolving power sufficient to resolve vibrational substates in both the excitation and decay channels, reveal information about the time evolution of the vibrational wave functions in the intermediate core-excited state on the time scale of a few femtoseconds. Thus, these experiments probe the limits of the quantum mechanical description of the eigenstates of the molecular system integrated over the lifetime of the core hole.


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